Saturday, July 16, 2011


The road is open
I thank God I am not that girl
the hell you'll put her through
the tears
the boredom
the sameness
will leach like
moss into crevices
and I can only say
I'm just happy today.

The road is closed
when the paths
are visible
and the end enivitable
my ego is a demon dragon
the path
is a cooling stream
to float to dream
to be one with the white light
the fire circle
the rest

Brick walls
and calling voices
pull me by the nose
here or there
up and down
trick or treat.

I look
and I am you
better to be blind
your reflection in my eyes
is a result of my face;
My look?
My attitude?
do I control what I see in you
by how I react to you?

If I imagine you are beautiful
and set the lines of my face
just so
do you believe the lie I convey
with my mask?
Better question
will your face
I am beautiful too
as a natural response?

Fuck it all comes back to replay
into the light
into the dark
into the light
into the dark
into the day
into the night.

When there is no longer a need
to struggle
to exist
visceral outlets
autotomic ..
are empty
of a battle for another day
where does that leave the warrior?
fighting an epic battle with herself
and writing words no one will ever see.

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