Saturday, July 16, 2011


Long time fucking train

Was I looking for Asians
were you the one
Sunday morning paper
rolled up
couldn't tell the date
but I damn sure tried.
Just something in your eyes
if I saw them today
would it all be okay?

Can you believe it's been 10 years?
I never say what I meant
lots of times I lie
but those last words
you lurked and read
from the heart dude.
Again... it wasn't for you
because of you
it was all me, again.

I'm a selfish bitch.

Small penises have no place in my universe
I had to send
your fat ass packing
you know I heard for every 10 pounds you lose
your penis length increases an inch?
Come see me after
you lose 100 pounds.

Funniest thing
perfect position to get the head
of my life
poised mother fucker
smorgasbord of life...
Phone rings..
God Damn.. and he's even my ex.
I wanna say... Dude
you messed up my face
nothing you gotta say
could take it's place.
So we're down..
he's down..
husband scared him to death.
Sniff Sniff...
the tongue that got away.
Cry. QQ

Guess what?
The diary goes on...
Jane and Cross Eyed Mary...
ride ACROSS the grand canyon.

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