Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love and Mountain Lions

Who could stay inside?
when it shines this bright?
Heliotrope and lavender
dying, a red fire raging
soothing blue
till the luminosity fades.

Green drips from the leaves
earth sucks me down
planting me.

A hard malice on the wind
makes dogs howl and whimper
black mud gurgles
as the air is pulled
through my bare feet.

An odor acidic
burns the nose
a tail swishes
in the trees
feline absolute

Queen of the forest
to your sovereignty
I bow.

The Gods say:
"One to wake, one to sleep,
one to climb, one to vine;
one the forest to keep.
Of your love sublime
only in your mind
perfidy brings happy control
to forget
the lion never sleeps."

Two feet from death
and I am blissful.
Isn't this what love is for?

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