Saturday, July 16, 2011

NIghttime Streaming

The nighttime is streaming down the drain
gray clouds hold the day in
icy pavements
echo spinning tires
the workday is always beginning for someone.

Most beautiful blissful
alone feeling sanguine.
Hearing the hum
of Jungian running
white worlds 11th dimension.
Before the sun  raises
its respectful head
its glaring light
its need to do

Alone in the dark
I can examine my heart
find it lacking
examine my dreams
trace my steps backwards

Catherine needs her Voltaire
who could ever reign
without clear thoughts?

There is always a quiet breath
behind greatness
sweet whispers
slide a wet tongue
into the ears of kings
who only remember
the last words said.

Nighttime is going
screaming madness
as it fights against the dawn
holding my sword
and shield
can't keep the light at bay.

Soon rays of insight
carried down from the sun
will expose me
in all of my monstrosity
with nowhere to hide
but in sleep
fighting against the day.

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