Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rain Dance

Sweet indian sleep
while the panther
creeps in me
Oooozing what you need
sweet and low
grabbing ankles
hips gyrate
to the beat of me
the beat of my soul
my dreams
my love
god shoot your load in me
fall down
like rain
as I dance
with myself
I create god the universe within me
Balls of the sun
streams of white light
people spirit move me
to listen
to the words on the wind

All that is or ever was is in me
I touch you give you my light
I borrowed from the son
from the sun
hanging in the west
purple blue crayons
god is a child
when it comes to art.

The incense is calling me
to dance again
the trinity moves me
4 levels of three
birthday cake
playing again.

That song.

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