Saturday, July 16, 2011

And then...

I close my eyes and I am you
closer than leaf to green
Angel lover in the dark
quiet feet caress
home hearth
light love.
Sweet dreams pillow lover
do you know me in the dark?
Butterflies ocean waves
wood smoke curls to the sky
peace...and then...

Mouth on mouth hunger yearns
bring me my hands
tight grip rope
between gritted teeth hiss
I'd know you in the dark.
human spider
free me with a scream
a moan
breath caught--I'm drowning
replace my air with your soul
core essence
once eluded
brought to tow
now complete
our seity imperforated.
we are gods divine
sacred flesh brought to sacrifice.
at the feet of Eros
we crawl
we beg
we wish
we dream
that a dream could be.

and then...

There's laughter in the trees.
the moon shines upon
an altar set for three
you, me, & the one we wait to see.
menage a trois
"Come out, Come out, where ever you are"
like children we play
forgetting ourselves
or what we used to be
it's our mirth day
happiness sublime
Minerva's serving cherries
yours not mine.

and then...

Summer is here 101 degrees
hot pavement burns
sweat trickles
sweat slides
city traffic
to hip hop beats
as two strangers
slightest smile
quick look into eyes
they keep on walking
as the moment passes by.

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