Saturday, July 16, 2011


He tried to act like he knew what he was doing
such a sweet child
I wrapped my arms around him
breathing him in
such a hot child
I made him twirl
but he wouldn't beg
and when I pulled him close
he touched my hand
caressed my fingers
like he'd missed me.
I missed him too
no one smells like you do
so sweet
hot sheets and lust
fairy tales and dust
like you'd just been fucked.
Manly manna
love musk.

Honey baby sweetie pie
beautiful kisses
no lie
if you don't grow up
I'm gonna die.
sweet sweet sweet child.
Whatever you want
I'll give it to you
lay down my life
just let me drown
in your brown eyes.
just let me feel your hot lips on mine
let me go down
and take you to paradise.
let me ride the snake
yours or mine

I can't clamp down my hunger
when you're around
just want to touch you
lay you down
to sweet bliss
thorny crown
my sweet baby child
eyes of brown.

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