Saturday, July 16, 2011

An old Lady Jacks Off

L'aire du temps wafts on the air
wrinkled fingers struggle with buttons
rings too tight
but the soul is blessed
Cabinets, floors,
shiny varnish
pine oil and powder
cedar chests filled with brimming
once for hope
now for resignation;

Night has fallen
music streams
filling silent halls
winding its chiming way
into an old heart, long asleep.
Eyes, which moments before,
viewed a stranger;
thinning skin,
body in a comfortable chair
God has given you the universe
no longer chained
in a world of erosion
free to fly.

I would say he was granite,
if I hadn't heard his heart
it's was never about having
just my capacity for love
ability to remember what it's like to feel
so deeply for someone
so beautiful
did he glow or
was it just the light from my eyes?
More than propagation

Whispering to me in French
"Mon Coeur"
Slide a hand down my thigh
kissing my cheek, my ear, my neck
the music plays on
rubbing his soft pink nipples
two finger pinch
relieving the pain
with my tongue
bumps raise
as hands find the hallowed curves
beautiful "v"
butterfly queen
his skin translucent ivory
lips full but sedate
mahogany eyes
silken hair
reflects the moonlight
head back in ecstasy
overwhelming desire to consume
comfortable chair creaks
the music plays on...

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