Saturday, July 16, 2011


Decay, putrescence;
something wretched on the wind!
The pain in your eyes
army ranger
enlisted man
carte blanche
thrill me with your spillin
rotten teeth
split the aces
I'm ready to spread.

Corpses walk
one splattered brain away
from the infinite goodbye
I want to try
get in the pit
bring your lips
"bring me meat and an order of fries."

Pretty-eyed guy
firing up the ace of spades
sucking on a fat cigar
he can't keep lit
Spain? Uruguay all the way
3,000.00 dollar bet
how far they gonna get?
I focus on his hands
and how much
I want to straddle his pants.

Love you bald black Nubian queen
lets take a walk
we'll go to Nayala
in the desert
where nothing is green
or maybe down the hallway
under a crystal chandelier
and you can tell me how much I waste
my love
on the undeserving
the selfish
drama queen
who might sigh when I die
"she was good for a laugh."

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