Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not ready for public consumption.

Laying in the darkness
somewhere between sleep and light
a rat's snout touched my foot
or so i thought
then high pitched sound
of small teeth
like tiny sharp chains
scratching glass in the black
imagination eyes points of red
at the edge of my bed.
The bear was large and healthy
walking on the right
as i passed the carcass
in the middle
of the road
dead female bear
sunk in dead eyed
blood splat
final repose.
There are bears here?
She smiled her acquiesce.
Then a flock of birds
or so I thought
crossing my path in flight
too late
dead smack on
 rolling on the hood of my car
evolving with each turn
bird into rabbit
chocolate fur
deep brown eyes
through the windshield
looked sideways at me
got up, shook himself off, and lopped away.
Next night.
A gray and white cat
dressed in a purple crochet vest
smiles goofy parentheses spread
across a satisfied face.
At the edge of the bed
gnashing tiny teeth.
The way of dreams.
An angry African woman pushes a
lawn mower down the highway in the hot sun.
I pass her
then turn around to pick her up
good Samaritan
i have to chase her down the road
hey come with me I'll take you where you need to be
and we can put your mower
in the back.
the anger rushes out of her
and i am awake.