Saturday, July 16, 2011


MOSQUITOS in the marshes
dream of green
walking on I never knew
comic sans
pissed so many people off.

marketing yet
it's part of my brand
the kim brand.

in red raw burns
right across
the cheek of my ass.

Your beat down the street
makes me think
someone's knocking at the door
not like being one among many
I am one on one.

IN a sleeping voice
call the emperor
because the music's too loud
and I don't feel
their beat
down on the street
like love bling jing a ling
or quick heat
to hit the bong one more time
then go on up.

The green goddess
wants black wings
to go with her salad
of blessings and curses
coming back to haunt me
every time I say your name.

And the lock on the outside
of my closet door
screams your name
but all I got is dick
with a marked name
and something feeling so good.

Back to trances
and the scream
it keeps calling my name

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