Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Hate Poetry

My supreme wish
is you feel like I do
I have no doubt
Karma will make it so.

Roses, lilacs, green tea, spring.

Beggin boy. So funny.
Here's a bone
a loan
some time alone
Mirrors, rear view windows,

Can you believe Bruno?
That was us.
You were trying to show me what love was
or you felt love
fresh sheets
naked skin
long hair
theme to Titanic.

I lay there watching you
go through the motions
feeling nothing
heart like stone
How could you be so cheesy?
Five years and you never saw me.
Never knew
I'd rather bump to Spaceship.
Theme to Titanic?

Now you're trying to be a good boy
maybe mama will love you
give you what you need
You said I have to talk to you
because knives
were grinding your guts
the only relief
to be with me
i let you lay down by the stream
water flow over your wounds
you let your hair
flow down your back
around your face.

Your lies will unravel.
Anyone with a brain
it's a matter of time.

I can't understand
why you just don't come clean
tell the truth
the constant stranger.

I'm just glad you're a fantasy.

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