Saturday, July 16, 2011


My sweet
perfectly formed
angel sweet kisses
there is no betray
there is my love
it belongs to me
as a target focus  meditate
enlarge my love
to fill my house.
Then you are my survival.

secret listen.
2 parts to every story.

There is no you
there is only me.

2 Choices.

Monkey chatter holds the mind/brain/logic/what u r not.
Transcend the monkey/string puller/happen/.

Monkey smile jealously control abandon emotion; see.

Use the monkey direct within the anti matter of the soul
yes soul is quiet/monkey move
soul ka ki quiet.

The pain of your shoulder will dissipate
once the monkey is chained
soul given free reign.

The answers are there without reality's puzzle pieces.

Realize the love is yours.
The object of your affection can disappear.
But the love stays.

I saw your face sweet little girl
almost woman
as your man smiled cordial eyes drifted to my breasts.
He smiled.

RaZOR, swords, black, red,
I recognized the jealous black box
in the young girl's face
my mirror from years ago. I'm free now.

Feels good sweet girl to make you feel bad.

Hmm... who will be
the one to play now?

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