Saturday, July 16, 2011

Have a heart

Have a heart

      My heart is full
      mornings alone
      but I still feel the warmth of your cheek
      on mine
      breathing the same air in recline.
      So much love.

      Said so many times before
      love is a mountainside
      of steep inclines
      the warm feel of water
      hard stones under my belly
      fingers making circles
      the sound of a waterfall.
      The sweet way you hold me
      and brush the hair from my face
      the arms that enclose me;
      our secret place.

      Now if I could just find you
      where ever you are
      shape shifter changer
      a life so bizarre.

      I know I'm not worthy
      to worship at your feet,
      kiss your toes,
      or one word to you
      But god you surround me
      even when you're not here
      i can feel you all around me
      your breath in my ear.

      There's a tidal wave
      yearning to break free
      but I'm afraid if I let it go
      I'll cease to be me.

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