Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mother Fucker

Don't even think to enter my space
Don't look in my god damn window
and think you own me
I'm not nobody's bitch.

Not your fucking ride
your bride
your shit

Get out of my fucking trash
with your PI bullshit
you don't have enough
to make me bleed.

With slime in
your slummin
I am what I am
now get out
and don't show your face
cuz see these wings?
they belong to me

Don't trace my ip to trusted dot org
locate my beam
red seam
on your gps
I'm nowhere near Springfield

Just as I was born, lived, and died
you might have passed by my door
but u won't no more
closed the gates
put up the wall
Motherfucker I'm home.

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