Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm usually not very political but I would still like to express my opinion about what I think is really going on...
 When Bush was in office we had 8 long years of cowboy justice. Roping and riding one hot Texan got America to kick some ass and take some names.  Can I get a YEE haw brother? Amen.  That Michael Moore crap about him absorbing the news about 911 in a class room of kids and continuing to read..? What did Michael Moore want him to do? Scare the hell out of the kids and jump up and run?  He was THINKING.. with great power comes great responsibility and a lot of fucking thinking. Anyway...
 So we got some cowboy justice. We kicked some ass. Great.. Lost lives, :( hate it but we can't let those extreme muslim bastards think they can just do that to the greatest country in the world and not get some retribution and continue to get retribution.
 So the result was a lot of animosity, more so than usual, from Arab countries. Gas prices rose and problems with our allies in the middle east. So what do we do?  How do we fix this? When I say we.. I don't mean us.. as in everyday Americans we go to work everyday then come home and hug our tvs at night... But the WE that is actually in charge the rich powerful people behind the scenes. What do they do to mend the fence? Build the bridge? Smooth over some of the animosity so Arabs and Americans can at least be polite again.. Most definitely not by putting another white conservative republican in office no way.. that would lead us all on the way to world war 3... No.. let's show the world what a NICE, liberal, easy going, country we are.. We will put a man in office to build bridges, to show the Arabs we can play nice too. What better way to build that bridge than with a black man named  Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.?   Perfect!
  Well, when we say people run the USA, it's true but it is not us. We don't. The rich do.  We are a capitalist society and the rich are in charge.. just the way it is. Don't try to fight it just watch your tv.. sleep, work.. dream... The rich will take care of us sheep because they need us to fuel their money machines. 
  So black man with an arab name. It don't get no better than this for mending fences and building bridges with the arab world.  We'll avoid WWW III, we'll play nice to get the oil prices down, and after Obama has done that.. 4 years that's all he gets,  they will put another rich white conservative in office to capitalize on all the bridges Obama built. The rich will get richer we will still be watching tv, drinking beer, and keep on keeping on...
  The next time you think we voted in Obama.. think again.. we vote, we think we are making a difference, but really the rich and poweful are pulling ALL the strings politically. 

 Sorry bout all the typos, I have just started writing again and I am really rusty.
 But the more you do it.. the more you CAN do it.

  Let me add I LOVE America. It is the best country in the world and all of us have good hearts and want to do the right thing but sometimes we just end up doing the EASIEST thing. It's human nature, avoid pain look for gain. 

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