Saturday, July 16, 2011


The snow's got me thinking of you
Baby I'm just lonely in my head
cause I don't have a heart.
But I need you anyway.

You have the face of an angel
the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen.
I love when you get angry
and your eyes like the sharp razor tip
of a sword
burn into me

How your beauty hides
an evil, devious, intelligent mind.
Cold and calculating you count
every tear
you make em cry.

Now I'm falling
turn the curtain back again my friends
going with Jim...
to the otherside.......

Those sharp razor tips
I want to make you angry enough
you'll wrap your ten cocks
around my neck
the last thing I see
before I get pulled through.

to be continued... one day I will have a private place to write and the time to do it.
OMG everyone is screaming good morning doesn't quite go along with getting murdered now does it?

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