Saturday, July 16, 2011


We all spread them
even blowing men who remember
what it's like
being face down
in the middle
of a good lay.
Or what?
With your empty eyes
sweet sighs.
I close mine.
Couldn't ever
What was it you were going to say?
Dirty nails drooling snails
sliming sodden trails
Was that it? Or maybe something else?
Wooden seats in the auditorium
folded down
the smell of bubble gum and eraser dust
you were blonde lust
hard chest
you sulked over
sat down like it was hard to do.
wanna be wit you.
Smiled traded numbers
yes, the theater group moves on in the summer
and I go too
but for awhile
wanna be with you.
All liquid eyes, soft hands, and lips
smelling like a cage full of slaves
washed clean
by a heavy rain
is this what it's like to be IN love?
Let me go back into the woods
like the animal I am
Cheers Ozzy, bark at the moon
naked in a bed of moss
as for the rest it's all lost
the one I love don't love me
so I guess I'll be spreading my wings...

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