Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blood Guts and Television

Blood elves suck the pus
from my rotten toes
I'll never walk again.

Dangling misshapen phalanges
scrape the cave walls.
I'm trapped.

Unable to climb up
shards of glass & nails
rip my palms till I'm bleeding.

Why was I listening
when the voice said, "join us"?

Crabs in a bucket.
Shadows on the wall.
Just two minutes all it took
for my soul to be captured.

Buy me, eat me, envy me.
Solve me, laugh with me, puzzle over me.
Need me, want me
addict me
to your colors
your drama
forget with me.

Leaves me bleeding in a corner
fat asses on power chairs
slowly wind
their way
to comply
with the jaws
of mega commerce.

Instead of blow
no glass pipes
obvious smells
just the laughter track
loudly played
to neighbors
through walls
accepted  junkieness.

All along the monster lurks
in the corner.
Feed me.
"I desire cocoa puffs"
"I desire no streak cleaning."
You desire the wife
cut up
in a suitcase
thrown over a bridge
in cement
could someone like me
do it for the money?

Stopping to gawk
at the 1000 pound man
wondering if I could fuck that
what would it feel like
to be lost
in rolls
looking for a needle
in a haystack.
could he still get it up?

A canary lights on my shoulder
somewhere close
there's breathable air
the blood elf
finishes his meal
somewhere there is light
but for now I live in the shadows.

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