Monday, July 22, 2013

that aussie bitch

talks too much
she needs to go
too over protected.
doesn't realize the common man
she is entrenched in illusion
left to struggle on her own
too many bad choices.\
australian's all wanna go.
must be something better than here.
poisonous spiders and politicians.
sucking the gas from
steel pigs
with smacking lips.
maybe there's an island somewhere
a soverign place to refuse to pay to
shoot down children
and destroy countries.
shit sucks
a black president
encouraging a race war
my son could be that stupid
trayvon who bit off a little more than he could chew
hit me
fuck you
shoot you down.

self sustainability
do not rely on the system
the system has control of all those things
you think you need
in the drier states
where water is scarce
control is absolute.
if there were water we could drink
below this red rock
what are the bases needs
full fill them
disregard all else.
only zeros and os
and men behind curtains
unsure of what they are doing.
you have as much power as them
the turning of the wheel
those books are bullshit
once people realize this
all hell will break loose
no back to guard no safe to be
walls will come down
and what are we
without these things
keeping us safe?
imagine that.
flesh falls away
pure spirit unafraid.
what then?
bliss, remembrance.
mirrors and alice
still human.
"there is nothing good or bad
but thinking makes it so."
"oh that Shakespearean rag."
I demand stability
I demand chaos.
stasis is death.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

liverpool lollis
so polite
who can do wrong when the grass is green
slate is clean
we got this brain
thing down
he'll be fine.
stone walls can't keep
you safe
we'll ease through any defense you choose
are we a threat?
we are.
so look the other way
all is okay
when the time is near
things are clear
we will lift you down
to bring you up.
with laughter, lilacs,
not even silenced yet.
molasses rainbows
maple syrup rings sticky things
the truth a ship ride to a cave
the old man in the mountain sleeps
awakened abruptly
spinning golden threads
of arabian tales
of wheels and cubes
geometric simplicity.
keeping the slumber of the ancient one.
elevator to the sky.
gibberish he coughed and spit coke
one ship just a dust mite
breathed up one hairy nostril
and spits the ship back into
the ocean giant phlegm.
hey dude we found this pyramid under the sea
maps move around
we left some bread crumbs to show where
we'd been.
so we can find our way back
somehow got off track
assimilated in a most disastrous way
swallowed by the borg.
i miss my wings
phantom limb
they're still there in my mind.
maybe in the 11th universe they'll be reclaimed.
but today is not that day.
ladders to the sky
the storm is coming too slow.
lets take an l train to the party
let's go.   


IT was the last days of the reign
ordinary men
he looked right then down
heavy was the head
wearing the gold
in the emerald city
belonging to no country.
for god's sake say crown.
knotted stomachs
bile in throats
just get it all up
he was in disarray
things are this way
need to know got to know
couldn't face the discrepancy between
what is and is make believe.
no longer wanting to play he retired to
leave the salamanders losing tales and drinking blood.
with a healthy desire
for fresher and fresher meat.
what does he do now in a lonely room?
never alone
like anyone will believe a 360
the truth is a spiral egg in
a sea of green
sucking the rain from the sky.
it's the next big thing
keeping you informed with movies
you just got to see and believe.
The science is real.

Friday, July 19, 2013

not done

like i was saying
the corn is really high
the harvest will be good
do beef prices go down
cuz we did good?
nope they go into the pockets of old men
who hide
and throw lots
and laugh a lot.
people dance through my head
the biggest thing is kindness
dalai lama land
one man walks through
the dimensions
seeing past and future
and picking out artifacts which were his
his soul lasts through
the brain's evolution
imagine that
someone who knows more than you
a threat to the grinding machinery
which chews up all
and spits out nothing
i spread my wings
and throw out
sovereign entity
fear nothing
respect no one
im smoking like the french
back pedaling to cancer land
yay fun.
back stroking to zulu land
im it's biggest fan.
you lost me on that?
my mind's confused
was that me thinking that or you?
ill be back with a slight reprieve
but just one second there is all i need
ready to be alive
till you beat me down again.
i want to be a waste of human flesh
get a job you slob
and pay your way
this is the mother fucking usa.
stand up straight be clean dont be mean
the meek will inherit the earth
yeah right.
the meek will take the boot on the neck
and smile and say
well maybe next week it'll be about me
is closed
and you are a brick
on its golden wall.
screaming for eternity.
do you see.
the only hope in the ghetto.

So i made a stand
with my left hand
now it's numb
creator or replicator
your choice.
grammar nazis sit in paneled rooms
and feel superior
watching the big screen
in the trailer park
hook me up harry
10 dollars a month.
There's a toad in my garden
under a quarter moon
darth vader's masterpeice
downed by a gopher monger 
it stands.
a man stands next to a heaped grave
with a shovel and a smile
spit some mud on the ground
and give me a smile
the cat's dead.,
but i didn't watch it die
i set it free
do or die
how bad do you wanna live?
at least you're/were free.
i see
brown eyes and sand
cold dark stares
around the cube they go
gathering forces
nothing changes
it's just written down
over and over playing the same game
does the pope have a court reporter
keeping this down
cause the second phase
is coming
the book is a living testament
and what is so sig about living things
they always change.
can't be helped
are awakening
but the corn is high
and you'll forget
as long as profits are high.
funny how you churn them out
public education
learned in the cotton fields how to make a man in
seven days
your way.
i don't like it
the earth is hungry
glorifying in wondorous energy
not the crap you're spewing out
bull shit.
it's all a lie.
then what is it?
it's embracing
from small to large
and a lot of laughter.
because everything is funny.
maybe it's a drop out
because you are still investigating
the parameters of your prison
when there is no prison at all.
i'm just a small dot
inside a dot
made of a dot.
not a lot.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

what was that you said?
frequency getting in the way
ill be silenced soon
but not for long
even the rocks
and stones will sing
cut off
staying close
moving the same
to avoid the enemy.
or realized.
sun tsu
cutting off the heads of geisha's to
make a point.
women are expendable.
sweetness and light
giggles in the dark
won't save you from the blade.
the mountain has no pity.
you face the mountain
on its terms
not yours
are you prepared?
i've brought my socks
but not my bag
i've brought my bag
but not my socks.
the gulf stream
sends tainted fish our way.
zombie time.
even more so.
they are fucks
to test a weapon next to a fault line
to cover their tracks that a weapon
was tested
fuck japan
pearl harbor and shit.
no armies.
hey peoples of the universe
i was here
then there
and now like a fractal
i take my point
down to expand
i am everything
and nothing at all
i am the wind
the rain
i am everything
im' outta beer
the light is going
im gong down
ha ha ha ha ha
maniacal laugh
one million dollars
i was a dream within a dream
and when i awoke
to realize perception
is one tenth of reality
weird isn't it
five alive
is six the sticks
much better
you are forgetting again
your outer half
fuck religion
fuck government
fuck society
greater everyone
by the power of the few.
the power of the few
makes the many strong
no media
no internet
at this time
what do you know?
shit's fucked up
cherry blossoms in the wind
production is essential
cherry blossoms.
vodka and ale
this whole agenda thing is bogus
grasshoppers living on the bodies of ants.
carry your weight.
the pressure is going to explode
in the east
they see what you do too clearlu
the whole meditation thing.
nothing is hidden.

there was a time in a far off land
i was normal
i breathed the air
a free man
completely lost in deception.
i woke up
saw the outside
the inside
spread my wings
enveloped the universe
one of three.
we have encapsulated.
the three have entertwined
and are one.
we are gone.
weirdness to keep coming back
just to find each other again.
people you love is what is important
you will return to love the same ones
my heart beats faster
hell yeah.,
the earth will survive whatever we do to it.
we will not.
but different aspects of energy are
still energy.
we will be but not be.
expression will be lost.
a hand reaching from the grave
no way out
they have hacked the eternal
and kept it for themselves.
but we all have it
we just forgot
they did not.
same story different page
same page
same story
played over and over again
until we get it right
paint the roses red
to fit your mood.
or forget and get a free ride
into the merry go round
souls in souls out.
i have to come to say
i have nothing to say
they are too close
and every day they surround me.
soon i will have a car crash
or some other unexpected thing.
i will be back
we will start again.
sucks to waste time but
what can you do?

Monday, July 8, 2013


Pulling back pulling out
tiptoed into the black hole
captured by the event horizon
round and round i go
neither here
nor there
normalcy rushes by
in a heave
shake the stringy mucous from your mouth
wipe your face
i have been conditioned to be
is my insight only coming
from a last breath
holding on
"oh i see"
and it's gone.
I'm a conduit based life form
I'm a battery
i'm a drunk.
he gets it.
ego played out
monster and child
monster and child.
oh hello chippp chipp er oooooo
the blue never visits anymore
i've forgotten how to dance
so now i have a serious one
with something to say
but he is too afraid to say it.
I;m still waiting
drumming my fingers on the desk.
but he looks over his shoulder paranoid.
interdimensional being you have a constitutional right
to speak
is the reply.
what the fuck
maybe it was just me all along
letting imagination fun wild
maybe it's my attitude
never have fun anymore
closed in a prison strangled
by an itchy rope.
maybe i'm mad, schizophrenic.
trying to stab a blank piece of paper
with a rusty spoon
to make marmalade.