Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walkin in the Mall

There are mirrors in the mall
with a library of pictures & opinions
judgements and calls
though the wall blocks
we all connect
it's physics and all.
S in the first circle
to s in the oxygen to s
in the circumference of pi
to the air you breathe
connects you to me.

And it's all arbitrary
because we can't understand
when our universe meets
eye to eye for a moment
stop time
molecules of sight
chemistry shoots me into you
with a look.

And I visit your place
the moments that make you you
decisions you make
laws you break
passions which move you
greed which drives you
the way you move your lips
tells me more than your words
could ever.

And we walk on....

Purses in neon green pink fake leather
look look look
don't meet eyes
hypnotized by everything to buy
I could be
a beauty queen
if I had those jeans
i'd be fly
aint no lie
with a g from VSD
just above my low riders
that would be me.

There's a factory in the south of France
grinding up roses by the field full
extracting extracting flower after petal
elixir a base
replaced by oh we can copy
with chemistry
& make it cheaper
than grinding roses trees life ground
up to adorn
the beautiful ass
below those low riders.

Buy only real
the other
crap smells like alcohol in an hour.

Moving on...

Old man & woman by the way
she leads
he is thin never eats
oh no bother we
take what we need
but just what we need
jack sprat could eat no fat
his wife could eat no lean.

Meet UP!

Cinnamon buns takes three to eat one
He has a baby face
tells me stories
Pupils dilate as he lies
Beach bum loose shirt nice ass
dont turn around you look better from the back
a scene girl refuses to eat
the meat in the seat
he loves her
but she's got to do her hair.
Max 300
he moves
baby face has passion his pudgy cheeks don't relay
move move move movemove move
I'm not that boy
who sang along to A Kevorkian song
then was laughed at
till he hung himself and died
or was that just a lie?
2 seconds till the end
Max 300 wins again. Fail.
Stepping down he flings his
sweaty shirt my way
thinking I'll like the smell
but nope he's got no genes to tell.

Time to go...

Moving quickly the scene girl
emotions she doesn't understand
loves them all but loves no man
moves swiftly past the puppies we needed to pet
the lingerie we needed to get
into the sunlight
in the car.
Country roads
smoking grape blunts
corn feild's harvest is great
back to the farm back to the cave
sun goes down
finishing the day....

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