Saturday, July 16, 2011

If he Says

Hmm.... love and sex?
which is best?
She's your whole world
you love her
want her
makes you throw your phone
crash your car
drink till you can't see
the world would turn
just a little better
if she looked up at you
with those eyes
and smiled.

What you want she keeps.

(to be continued....)

We walk in-- let the party begin
:: scream ::
he's there with another girl

(to be continued... )

It wasn't me.
baby I love you
only you
I didn't fuck her
almost but not quite
she's gone
if you're home
she's a friend
the end
if you'll just be with me.
you're back?
then she's gone.

and you stupid bitch you believe.

Shakin in the bedroom
hit by a rocket
how many time have I sucked
on his pocket?
Now he's tellin me
I was all for free
aw now laughing at me?
Crying to the wind
baby just talk to me.

Go home.
There's nothing for you here
you were good for a lay
now I say
my baby's back
heart attack
and you won't stand in my way.

Love is all well and good
keeps you dreaming
mind out of the hood
how it burns
how you yearn
but let it be understood
when the arms are warm
and the mood is hot
when you're rock hard solid
love don't mean a lot
when the universe expands
all inside your pants
she's love
enough for you.

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