Saturday, July 16, 2011


Take my reason, logic
put it on the shelf
the heat
can't breath
sweat drips from dreams
toes curl
sweet moans
white sheets
the pain phenomenal.

The curtains lift
as light goes down
black clouds move in
purple night
wind jacking off clouds
the sun fights for some
semblance of reason
finding none
hides his face
giving up the sky
to insanity; Parjanya rules.

One guitar moans, screams
the devil's music plays
as God has left the lone stage.
rising cartoon-like
specter in a tornado
ten feet high: rise, lament

Standing at the window
close the curtain
love sleeps in the mountains
frozen streams flow
breaking through ice
making swiss cheese patterns
over rocks solid
and always, there's a storm
needing a sacrifice.

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