Saturday, July 16, 2011


Everything I've ever really wanted
His smiling face follows me
wherevr I go I see
the pic he left on facebook
the same as the pic he left on myspace
the same as the one he left on pof
and now on meet up
and aol.
Why don't I give him a chance
to wow me with witty conversation
I can see right through?
But he's so smart
and i'm so stupid
but he does it right
and I am so left
he has life figured out
im in the dark
he knows what decisions to make
i draw straws
i could never be good enough.
He probably comes home taking off snow white socks
in an immaculate home
opens the door to his shining, gleaming, fridge
to get a bottle of cabernet sauvigon
(I can't even spell)
to go with the prime rib his chef hands made.
He retires to his den
to go over the notes of a song
on his baby grand.
I am an orphan selling match sticks
no one wants to buy
till  they find my cold stiff body
lying in the snow
as the passers pass on by.

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