Saturday, July 16, 2011

Never Enough

One drop of rain one snowflake a single grain of sand
a billion times to make the plan
You were always up on peace, unity, building bridges
I was always the sword bearer cutting through to the heart
An embarassment now my needs are too base
my lines are crooked
the reptiles have made me their goddess queen.
I accept.
My colors are bold
Locked in a tube
My arias ethereal
smashed in my throat

The orange monster's coming
smashing through the trees
gnashing trees drooling biting
eyes reflecting his unknown need.
trampling the soft grass outlying the dew on the morning glorys.
Early morning feast on my soul.
Drink my blood
I've seen you coming for years.

You are judgement
I am unworthy.
The secret you kept shining eyes
"what makes you think you can sit on our throne?"
Peasant girl, dirty girl, tainted soul, we have your heart
in our palms in our laughs we know
"you are late"
 I showed up with a dwarf in tow
 the nuptials were exquisite 2 halves made whole
you made off to the mountains
to hide in your books
that's when I came to know
I was never really important anyway.

There's a dome in the west
I am an outsider
flying down the rushing rapids alone.

But once I stopped
then beauty possessed me four times
unaware ( i was locked in stone the child still is)
wrapped in cosmic linen hood of burlap spider webs.

I became aware and everyone, everything was gone.
But ghosts, memories, replayed movies in my mind
by a tree i slept for ages
in the grass i slumbered on
and when i woke
everything was gone.

There's a tree in the forrest unlike any
I've ever seen
delicate limbs
sun fires shines through the leaves
deep roots ancient lines
holding on for dear life
whispering your mine.

Bury me at the foot
like I've never been
wide awake and letting go
to the beauty of the green.

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