Saturday, July 16, 2011

Polarity Bears

Yukon freezing dead of winter sun
damn maybe not too damn cold
Seals were jumping
eaten by majestic whales
blood guts and all
seal doritos
with a mt. dew
of Kale
"Now I told you not to go there.."
"that's now the way."
"you know you should do like me I got it right if not they'll be a fight"
Nope I'm here
making my decisions
hedonistic narcissis
sucking up life
from those around me
what is the star you carry?
Glorified with the sun.

It's freezing in the beating of the eggs
oil grease gas fires razor blades couldn't have done it better.
that shit must a hurt
can't hold his head one way only
freddie kruger from the chin down
where is your life now?

Hold your hand brown
eyes death brought you there
so young
to go now?
I'll hold the hand of the feeble, old, who know it's time to go...
Couldn't take your break
no breath
in a body so beautiful
chilled to the end.

How it goes.
The mural was the best
marilyn james dean marlon brando
walking on stars to the poor side of town
squeezed together like sardines
making it clean
Where is my Crystal spanish bear?
short mini skirts
rock stars
Brit doesn't want to give up a dime
Mickey come in my kitchen
Starship was cool.
Bringing home robert plant look alikes
spanish only
arab bystander must leave
but damn there goes the rock star
I was married ya know..
stupid bitch.

The Rainbow was the shit
The whiskey heaven bring me your feeling
your words
and we'll spread you thin across the world.
Italians are the bazeegees
money counters
lost tribe of Israel
you know you look the same...
Lebowitz courage
beautiful full view in a tub
and as I die
capture my spirit glide
above the bed to the other side
saw it on film digital
spirits fly....

There casino dream
straight flush
almost envy all around
share my wealth
share my nothingness
who am I
without a witness
can I get an amen?
A witness till the end
you see it coming
so do I
hope I'll be the one to say bye.

Beautiful peace
lightness of being
no mirrors
to eyes reflect
everything they think
I might be
just me
I'm not afraid of nothing.
My soul is dead ice
bring  your pain
take anything belonging to me
I will cut you down
no sound
but your last breath.

No matter the outside screams
inside cool
sitting back
enjoying the show.
muchas gracias for the ride...

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