Saturday, July 16, 2011


can i go where the truth
doesnt hold some screaming
fallacy in my head?
she dropped in the river
in the middle of winter
she went down down down
but she didnt drown
she didnt though
she went down.

razor blades make love to emo arms
let me make you bleed
can you feel me inside?
slice.nice fucking ice
but it was the fungus muddy water
though she didnt drown.
shes already dead sleeping safe inside her head.
can you feel?

she said she envies the dead
funerals are parties
raise a glass
the final accomplishment
the goal we all share
which requirement
is to have lived
no effort
on our part
no heart
survives the love
and the kiss
lover's bliss ;  death.
but to have lived.
have you?

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