Saturday, July 16, 2011


Crawling with wonder
   curious tasting
   what when where how
   five alive how i came to know
   the world.
   Show me
   hot cold burnt
   lonely laughing love

   Surrounded with mirrors
    disdain outcast wrong
    chance steps
    the world came
    to know me.

   The mold stay in
    go that way forget your mind
    feelings hide
    step into the outlines
    of the steps before deep running
    from the right
    from the left
    no miracles here.

     I woke up in my 46th year
     completely aware
     eyes opened
     wishing to go back
     to where i was before

     Trying to hide in my obsessions
      to fix my mind on the inconsequential
      the universe is inside me
      as it expands I wither
      dry up blow away.

       The crowd gathers in confusion
        the answers don't make sense anymore
        there are no outlines to follow
         My picture isn't yours to paint
         My song isn't yours to write
         My story isn't yours to narrate.

          I am free.

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