Saturday, July 16, 2011

Russians give the BEST HEAD

Lovin the smell of leather
but you said you didn't smoke
then what's that clinging
to you like my grandpa
when your tongues down my throat?

Nyet. What do you want to do?
Get it on in a movie theatre
me and you?
I thought you said you were Jewish?
Uncircumcised fool.

I love lying eyes.
They make me smile.
Cause I'm a hell of a lot brighter than you
no deny.

But then you disappear
and my phone rings.
It's James Bond bad guys
telling me how he wants to lick me clean.
Whatcha gonna do thru the phone boy
whatcha gonna do to make me cum boy?
Enhancing what I do alone
with your gravely moan.
Favorite words
in and out
burger place
sort of ruined the mood dude.

You know what?
I think you gotta share this poem
with the Jewish man.
He thought I was an anomaly
loves animals, long walks in the park,
our love was a compromise
and how did he go down....

amusing giggley corny not there

how it felt when u through up your flare

we fucked to the theme of Titanic
like a ballet you swayed
slow and rhythmic inside and out
trying to create romance laughing out loud.
and how you screamed  I LOVE YOU
when you got the best head of your life.
you dumb fuck stupid suck
on one knee YOUR wife? laughing out out loud.
Sex is not love.
All I could think
if this is romance I'm not feeling it.
You are a stand alone cardboard cut out
tucked in my attic
best buy was the shit dude.
The matzo ball soup I made was better than your mother's
her's all butter and bland.
But you would never admit it.

Funny how sex always comes back to food.

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