Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gandalf in my room

You're one big intestine, crawling on your instincts
I made you my magic mirror gilded gold; destructable
Melting you down now
hacking through your strings, your web, your hole
Gabriel close your door
there's no fish here anymore.
They filter thru my universe and walk upon my stage
players many
some amazing (those don't last for long)
some steady
some purple some blue
I welcome them all
and watch from the sidelines as they attempt to manipulate my dream
you can only have the sitcom
the drama's playing out in the stream running from Jung
and im going with it; untouchable.
Come inside and be my chair
be my table my desk my jar
I will watch as  you dance
attempt to infiltrate the battleground
ten swords and it's over.

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