Saturday, July 16, 2011


It's not it for passion
it's pajamas
the easy way I call you slut
and you smile.

I hear the laughing heads
coming to you all the way from Alderon;
who's pieces now make a million new galaxies,
centrifugal force is like cocaine
an amazing drug.

I wrote him a million words of love
only to discover
he's illiterate
and never read a word.
How can I love you
when a book can't make you laugh?

The scientist would say
I'm just trying to be superior
the one flaw in you
that makes my flaws not seem so bad,
Is my first clue
to the road that'll bring you down.

Thinking of you now tweed coat
patches on the elbows
einstein hair
big long dick
you wrote a poem for me
how the smooth easy feeling
of my guitar
friends around the pool
was what life was for.
We overstayed our welcome
when the host and hostess go to sleep
it's time to hit the door.

When we got to the movie
my pantyhose around my neck
smelling of sperm and Jew
the ink of your clothes
like you'd brought your words
and a pack of cigarettes.

My choices made me me
who am i to regret?

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