Saturday, July 16, 2011


Take the warm blood
   to connect
   lack the inhibition
   what he wants
   Jacob is his lust.

   "You know my hands
     my feet you know my life
     my dreams
     you are the secret place
     I hide safe
     you know me
     knowing me I wrap
     myself in you
     want you
     need you
     be me and I'll be you, one man."

     Jacob said to Gabriel just bless me and I'll let go. 
     Take this heart as pure as snow.

      Gabriel is a demigod
      who God will never forget
       Dark eyes smooth white skin
       exquisite perfection: angel
       no matter how dark the night
       his light
       radiant with a smile

       Offer your grace bless me and I'll let go.

        Sweet embrace skin on skin
        turns to melee
        longing clashes with taboo
        I love you, don't love you
        I want you, don't want you
        you are me
        beautiful wings
        the angels are placing bets
        To acheive Gabriel's grace the highest reward
         a blessing a kiss
         Jacob wants wants wants wants wants
         Gabriel is the prize
          love me; be me.

          Matching dark eyes, twins
          The angel relents
           "Bless you Jacob I am yours."

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