Saturday, July 16, 2011

yea well

I am the serpent
the dolphin
the tiger
roll me in your religions
I'll come out fine.

All those spirits
you deny
all the ghost daily
pass you by.
Say hi.

Mundane noon train
rolling hamster balls
drone drone drone
while you jones jones jones
what could have been.

Hyper space
captain kirk
luc picard
ride me hard
to the moon.

So I thought I would play a game
out of a hat picked a name
slowly train
manipulate gain
raise em higher plaine.

Rain in Spain
gotta refrain
no plaine without Spain
no rain
means the corn gonna wither
gotta sacrifice a virgin
but there's none to be found
they all left town
we would
sacrifice what they love the most
the corn and lordly host
need blood
and toast
to eat the body of christ
lying in the dust.

Hedonistic narcissistic
fill the fucking hole
has it half price
caste your lots
smoke your pot
life is a junk car parked
in an alley
used for teenagers
to fuck in.

There's more we forgot
take it back
Remember now the lake
where the trees agreed
we had a right to be animals
in the night
feeding on our souls
a feast of living
passionate hunger
spent dollar by dollar
till we all went numb
hamster wheel
bake a quiche
fill a need
bake some bread
fill  your head
women's home journal
says you're perfect
if your meatloaf
is gone
at the end of the meal
and the belly of the beast
lies on an easy chair
mouth open choking phlegm
back in his throat
you have succeeded to please him
but where are  you
walk to the kichen
do the dishes
listen to the song
takes you back
run girl run
out the back door run
you are not a pleaser
please yourself
run into the sun
paint the kitchen red
and roll the easy chair
swiftly into the lake.

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