Saturday, July 16, 2011

and what was that you said?

Hey boy how'd you get so beautiful?
      hey boy how'd you get so hot?
      clicking your heels
      no way home.
      So sit down and relax.

      Daily stronger now
      knowing how
      feeling out
      what it's about.


      I'm tired of you
      You begin to bore
      I am nirvana utopia
      This is for me.
      You don't inspire
      or bring me joy
      but there's no one else
      so I keep hanging on.  Yawn.

      I reach out in the dark
      to turn on a switch
      and my hand goes right through
      Watching my sleeping figure on the bed.
      Astral travelin and I'm in my bedroom?
      What the hell?
      Why couldn't it be Fiji?

      She died on a mound of pillows
      a sharpie swastika prominent on her forehead
      prince charming
      white horses running through the abyss
      come to save the day
      as she pissed herself
      Methadone is a cure

      Am I my reaction to you?
      Do I become myself by reflecting in your eyes?
      Is my character a product of the people I've pleased?
      Where does that leave me?
      When everyone's gone?

      The judge bangs his gavel hard
      "Can there be no decency?"
      The jury says
      "I finally learned to quit pretending"
      The witness wipes her eyes sniffing quietly
      "Yes I did it"
      The bald eagle lawyer (never lost a case) says,
      "I object leading the witness"
      Even the truth is subject to the law.

      And all the naked girls parade
      smiling and sucking cock
      sorry but his dick is attached to his heart.
      Can you believe it?

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