Sunday, October 27, 2013

i was just lost then i found

I wish i could visit every home
see every face
feel every hand
but i do via the eye
hurts like hell
i could fix it all
one step at a time
i could give satisfaction
to insatisfaction
just to be.
is enough.
Or is it?
I am disappearing
fading away
nothing to say
a small dot
I sit on an empty stage
having nothing to say
no binary genius here
just me
human till the end.
Do you see where we're going?
When I come back again
I'll have a machine head.
problems of the poor
I'll have a chip to buy or sell
this is the future
this is hell.
cuz i like to be free.
We bide our time like we have forever
but we do have forever
back together you and me.
in another time.
Where do we draw the line?
Remember the snake is slow to react.
bureaucracy trap

all hail mighty beer

Freedom from slavery.
anyway I had a dream of demons and God
demons are real
who knew?
weight on your shoulders gun in your hand
knife in your argument
you'll see his small trench coat
fat bodied sausaged between
and smile on his gold teeth.
isn't life neat?
then you see god
sitting playing chess with the homeless
ready to tell
how the road leads to the sun
and then
we all become
not your fucking collective religion
your money grubbing guru and his bull shit.
marketing fuckers need to die
he had something to say
a lot of nothing to say.
Dubai needs to die
gomorrah is a palm city
in the desert
judgement is swift.
A tsunami is to come.
Muhaamad likes to fuck little girls
and we do not approve.
your tower of babel
needs to take a little ride
to reality. good times.
fun times
who do you think that you are?
Money does not matter
power does not matter
status does not matter
all that matters is the sweet whisper
of butterfly wings
in a dark night
under a full moon.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

holy shit my last post got censored.

I wonder who did the censoring...
if you want to know what it says look
up the Latin form of the word cretin.
lol welcome to 1984
leave your mind by the door.
thought police. 


What is it I own?
static perception machine
of my own acumen.
Freedom is a shuttered window
a closed door
metal casing closing.
the clanging of a metal cup
against bars
a gorilla's stance
in a cement room.
They never knew the orangutan
hid the key in his mouth
to pick the lock
and make his escape.
Good for him.
I'm with you buddy
though in your anger
you rip the heads from children
with no remorse.
Instinctual survival
of the most scared.
"A ride."
Your eulogy resounds in my head
the god's tool
broke the silence in the room.
I look but it's all gone, again.
we are not the orangutan.
Alexander shook his head
what to do
when "there are no more world's to conquer"?
We'll bake bread in clay ovens
thanking god for warm bellies
clay in clay
a catalyst for our fermentation.
drunk and satiated
till the sun rises again.
Pragmatic practical steps to the end
someone must keep a clear mind
while the cretins while away the time
Latin form christianus (christ's ass or )
an innocent fool. 
Modus of control.
Cognitive dissonance
creates static states 
between truth
and illusion. 
What does a walking perception machine own?
Only this moment.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not ready for public consumption.

Laying in the darkness
somewhere between sleep and light
a rat's snout touched my foot
or so i thought
then high pitched sound
of small teeth
like tiny sharp chains
scratching glass in the black
imagination eyes points of red
at the edge of my bed.
The bear was large and healthy
walking on the right
as i passed the carcass
in the middle
of the road
dead female bear
sunk in dead eyed
blood splat
final repose.
There are bears here?
She smiled her acquiesce.
Then a flock of birds
or so I thought
crossing my path in flight
too late
dead smack on
 rolling on the hood of my car
evolving with each turn
bird into rabbit
chocolate fur
deep brown eyes
through the windshield
looked sideways at me
got up, shook himself off, and lopped away.
Next night.
A gray and white cat
dressed in a purple crochet vest
smiles goofy parentheses spread
across a satisfied face.
At the edge of the bed
gnashing tiny teeth.
The way of dreams.
An angry African woman pushes a
lawn mower down the highway in the hot sun.
I pass her
then turn around to pick her up
good Samaritan
i have to chase her down the road
hey come with me I'll take you where you need to be
and we can put your mower
in the back.
the anger rushes out of her
and i am awake.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ode to beer part two

yes no good slime of the earth
you perch upon the backs of all
hoping it doesn't get to cold this winter
no electricity
water frozen
big problems
my god why don't i die already
the birds will come back and expect bread
to feed their young
and pools of water to bathe in.
how many months?
three. the birds will be back to feed
and i should be ready.
when there are not enough seeds or berries to survive.
i fed you to early and you left
your berry soaked shits on my car.
you could have hit the trees i would have gotten the message.
i don't keep my responsibilities healthy.
i barely care about me.
who the hell
am i talking to anyway
side tracked.

hmmmm 562

i need feedback what r u thinking?
picking up keywords
finding i know nothing
even with streudle.
im just a fat lady
living in a fat house
yappity yapping
about things she knows nothing about.
so you get high
so you watch fractals
so you understand the turning of the twisting of the
who knows the answer
who got it right
yes me. microbiology community college
see the dna see the rna see the proteins building
but what does it matter
discuss the parameters of the prison
vibrational properties.
a mathematical equation
a new kanji
yes now i see
how the sword becomes grass
where we lie
side by side
looking at the sky
the sun is warm today
vibrate to the left or right
dimension one
vibrate to the left and right also up and down
dimension two
vibrate to pi while vibrating up down and side to side
dimension three
I am one of three.
3 keys to the universe and you will never put them all together.
I am level three.
achieve unlock
the 2nd horseman.
i am the first.
Upon black wings i come to discuss
never found by a google search
imagine that.
For 40 days and 40 nights i slept in the dessert.
ingested the thoughts and guts
of  sess pools of want.
what would you do when an angel passes by?
offer her hot sauce and work
a way to get by
offer her home and security
find security a lie.
I saw my friend in the desert
he reached out his hand and he pulled me up
out of the darkness
i have come here not of my will
but the will which makes you scream your prayers
to the homeless
and slap leather
to ease your wine soaked mind
to believe tv when you know