Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just for Me

Heat and sweat
for hours you've told me who you are
your most intimate moments
came deep inside me
looking for answers
Sleeping deep now
even breathing
linen crumpled but fresh
lifting blue curtains
aloft in the wind
snuggling against your back
sweet sleep.

Walking now
trees whisper
there's more if you
just open
your mind
the radio played
every song
they wanted to be hits
now when I hear them
it takes me back
to you
and your bed made by hand
your mediocre love making
your lack of drive
the soft way
you melted into nothing
and I thought you were king.

I didn't think my love would end
left alone
holding on to air
looking for a footing
but finding none.

I wanted to bring you back from the dead
dead hand
curved arm
lights dimming in your eyes
one armed push ups
for a moment to be God
direct your path
but I never loved you
did you keep my words
in a frame by your bed?
A shrine to me?
strangely pleasing.

I saw the look in your eyes
when I passed by
like the bottom fell
out of your stomach
your eyes wide in surprise
a child?
bless you I did well
took enough dirt off the grave you dug
for you to breath
then slipped off into the shadows
to watch you proceed.

I'm disintegrating
turning into warm baked bread
dinner at 5
taking what was once given freely
watching the parade
in a comfortable chair.

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