Saturday, July 16, 2011

You Say

You say you remember me well
      though i cannot quite recall
      i've been sweeping and gathering souls
      so long
      flesh and blood escapes me
      when I try to recall
      where I know you from...

      There might have been a time
      when I was your light
      or at least you think so now
      or at least you wished it so
      till I became a fairy tale
      of what could have been.

      He looked at me with that evil smile
      shook his head real slow
      and says
      I know you been gathering souls
      you're a soul collector
      I looked away
      trying to deny
      but he blew my cover.

      funny now I guess

      Insanity is a warm glass of wine
      in an enema up my ass.

      Welcome all who grieve
      welcome all who wish
      welcome all

      Mother will sew
      your satanic robe
      and make it all nice and clean
      but you stepped on hallowed
      when you came around
      fucking with me.

      Now to sleep
      without my name
      perchance to dream.

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