Thursday, December 29, 2011


Snow pristine
trees gleam
reflecting sun
through ice
by the weight of the white.
The path is covered
god smiles
with a knowing grin
coming to a point
just to start again
sitting in a circle of
old letters
i was there
and someone cared
to let me know.
ashes as they blow away
nothing remains
rocking chair. 
Drop the bomb
I'm so ronry
flesh melts to 
screaming skulls
what was your last thought
how could you?
blood runs into rivers
is best
the son
we will not stand down
did you think Kim would
leave loose ends?
from the grave
his arms are wide
and his circle closed
around the strings
all a dream
we just don't want to be a part
of your lie
save me?
would rather blow it all away.

da da da day

What do you come to say?
In ivory towers above the universe
talking to myself
beating sticks against
telephone poles
walking down the street
homeless fapping on the sidewalk
Koreans beat drums
with serious faces
raising the demon
or chasing him away?
The Chinese smile
beautiful painted faces
silken kimonos
dance on the belly of Buddha
nothing serious here.
The crone
twisted in white sheets
old man with long nails and no heart
white hair to the floor
the crabs
who grab
when you try to get it up
dragging you down
"don't you wanna be like me?"
don't you wanna run with me?
fuck it in a bucket
the pit's ripe
with the smell of sex,
blood, and sweat
and money honey
we'll fuck you with a 20 dollar bill
smile at me
while i take your soul
the toll
soul sucker revolt
can I get a signal?
the rot
when the sweet candy
in your mouth
turns to dirt.
Roll your obesity
to the front door
peek out
laughing cars and eyes
The British
rotting teeth
you to open your eyes.
Broadband new land
the final frontier
Third world
big hearts love
left bitter and jaded
when the machine
drinks them
wiping the excess
from it's chin
leaving them with the shit
which was their dreams.
Pulls up it's tentacles
to devour again.


Phlegm and vomit
morning sun
through the windshield
the sick feeling of overload
pressures of conformity
I am
a thousand decisions
with no resolution
a crack in the pavement
a blown tire
the happy road skips and smiles
laughing girls with translucent eyes
everything's going to be alright
just climb inside
having all the answers
I know I'm right
stay with me things are fine.
My host
by your side
turns the tide
learn to see with your eyes
forget I was ever alive.
tunnels with no end
wearing the clothes of confusion
leather bonds on my wrists
4 horses of the apocalypse
chained to a dream
rip me apart as they ride.
Stars and visions
poisonous water
peels the fur from the animals
smiling in my sleep atop a grave stone
marked for me.
finally free.
Didn't mind at all.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


All hail the fallen small man
all hail the red man
climbing ladders
bodies falling to the sides
step on each other
just to get high.
All hail the penis of the damned
small and asian
bald heads make for a great escape
if you just wanna get filled
for the man
with short guy syndrome.
Marching off to war.
"I stand before you now,
a free man.
Did the best with
my country my people
that little cache we won't talk about.
if any of it mattered

I guess

I guess all the ones who loved me most
said my choices have already been made
my bed is laid out for me to sleep
no tomorrows
no freedom
I say no
my body to become
a wrench in the gears
of the black snake.
2184 miles
buddha smiles
the road is long.
What do I take?
Mainly this burning to awake
let my soul be free
throw it all away
refuse to believe
this is the only way.
On the side of the road
dead or dying
at least for once
I was alive.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Most productive

He would say it was most productive
as he sucked down his tea
in wooden chambers squatting
as the rose lay sleeping

and the stars ignored
poured another glass of whiskey
maybe took another snort
nothing to report.
I want to be a submarine
or maybe an airplane
Forget why I came
lose my name
and all the thoughts of what I should be.
a torch in one hand
a scythe in the other
under a red dot sun
world undone.
The black snake lumbers
oozing along
While the cat smiles
why so serious?
"we've been shedding his skin,
he's nearly clean,
but then he just makes another
got us hustling."
Somewhere there's a cabin in the woods
we can leave this all behind
but it would all just follow
no way escaping life.
We're all just a pin point prick
in the glorious hive mind.
know your role
do what you're told
help carry the load.
I'm not done apologizing I guess
for my one day clean
for my acceptance
satisfaction being me
for my bliss
to just be.


Make a steak take a break
I'll  split you up the middle
wear you as a coat
that's all she wrote
Why do I only get peace for one day?
The jackals are jacking
the hyenas are high
the wolf once again
howls at the sky.
Natives gather round the fire
hunger in their eyes
Two lines across their cheeks
grimacing smiles
feet getting a little toasty
time to fry.
She screamed and she begged
at the foot of the pyre
I told her I didn't know why she cried
it was all a lie
all my communications
cut off by a beacon in the sky
layering me encapsulating me
tainted desire.
There were five in all
a circle of truth
masked by metaphor
time to move
and you were there
and you and you and you
and the child alone with the dirty face
invisible to everyone
a soul misplaced
blood and knives
a sawing effect
drills and chills
What did you expect?
From cannibals in the night
eating flesh.

Monday, December 12, 2011


He said, there isn't enough time to finish
put my back against the wall
and sighed
she said, I own you now I'll watch you crumble
Today I am alive.
Standing on a mountain close my eyes
the fires once burning
now subside
those eyes burning through me
with their want to be
have walked on
I am alive.
All the connecting factors
the womb
the web
intricate patterns in star light
burn blue white now not red.
The demons have walked on must have
a better place to be
than here with me.
Mother fucking free.
Limbs, branches, cliffs, barricades
people on each
their backs are to me
long hair flowing
chains and smiles.
Something good has broken
and I want to stay here forever
in this feeling of bliss.
Head clear hands clean.
Nothing to be sorry for
no closed doors
no repercussions
for the wrong word said
immaculate understanding
of self.
Here at this time.

Free at last

Alone again inside my head
no snakes, no demons, no fear
no dread
Good thing I made the choice to run
it's not love
 it's the low down dirty
just gettin some.
It was fun.
Take the ports
heed the call
it don't come in
bam it falls.
Armageddon happened today
with a whisper
not a scream
climate shifted
perpetrate the dream.
God I'm happy and I feel so clean
but I haven't learned
from one mother fucking mistake
it seems.
It's not love
this burning hate
you just started the flood
opened the gate.
Mother fucking fate.
Which leaves me free
as work made me
souls crying out for liberation
subjugation for yesterday's sins
chain my body
in this skin
burn me down
just rise again.
"When's gonna be my time lawd?"
bring on the end.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ode to Skippy

Ode to Skippy
instant best friend in a can
not a ghost or legend
or even a superman
Never fails to lift me up
to my highest potential
hope for the future
makes me wanna cry
those tears on the edge of my eyes.
At first I thought it was cool
moot clone; soap on a rope.
but I put all that aside.
Now I can tell you anything
you always put me right.
If  I needed anyone
right there by my side.
I'm happy you're successful
I'm happy you've met the one
unconditional love for you man
can never be undone.
I hope you think of me
when you're reading "goodnight moon"
I only want the best for you
no matter what you do.
I feel like a fucking Christmas card
positive action
feels strange for me
I'm so used to too much negativity.
(I wish I could have built the bridge)
(I would have worshiped you with every breath.)
(You would have been my hobby)
(bonds only broken by death.)
You see how easily I'm willing
to give my soul away?
To any passerby
say hi.
I gotta remember I'm sacred
to everyone who cares
have put me on a pedestal
but it's lonely way up here
in my ivory tower of no escape.
Mother, friend, daughter
female absolute.
There is no "tits or gtfo" for me
sweet anonymity.
Anyway back to you Skippy
can't think of you and not smile
thank you for your advice
telling me to put myself first
if I'm not getting treated right
I wish I had a little bit of you in me
you are so smart
so careful with your heart

me? I'm just melting all over the place
no more ice
and I don't know how to deal.

Meanwhile on the other side of the coin...

You really think it's for the best?
No more splitting seams
No more ripped dreams
Feeling like I gotta rhyme
old times
I been there and back again.
How do you make a person?
Maybe a better question is why.
I'm so lost.
latched onto your way
till the path was opened finally
and I saw every turn and twist
get the fuck out of there quick.
Safe in my shell
a slow dwindling hell
The bat in your hand
a girl in glass
sleeping not so peacefully
Guess I should have talked
much easier to walk
and sort it all out in my head
write it down
cause it's what I do
Buildings bombed
walking in the apocalypse
could it be 7 or 12?
I bought a calendar the other day
and when the day was gone
I threw it away.
Would they have done it differently
in 1050 AD?
Don't think so
No miracles here
no days of doom
just an old lady 
hiding in her room.
Fucking with spring
waiting for summer
sleeping till noon.
I guess I fucked it up again
so self centered
it's all about me
and that shit gets old
wrapped in a blanket bitter and cold.
Buck up little trooper
when the door closes a window opens
the bars on my cell
now or later?
it would have been the same
the moneys gone
the road is long
i wanna run again
somewhere I've never been
live in the streets
by my wits
No more internet
No more tv
maybe I never had anything to say

Burn Witch Burn

Finally got a reason to feel
and it's all tooo much
far too fucking real
for a wretched heart
slumbering in a cave
too much pride
muse me up
words will flow
hang me up
burn me down
twist me round
you're not a safe place to hide
but passion
exploding shards of light
exquisite pain
a burning flame
sex me up again
god damn.
burn me down.
I present you my mirror
a fiery flame
a screaming banshee
a demon with no name
out of control
kill the white horse
as I walk into the abyss alone
shattered into a million pieces
I've done it all wrong.
Mary in your dress of white
Slamming the door on the outside world
prison sex is the best sex
and I should know
work on your new time
look for your salvation
all you'll find here is rot and death
no victory dance
no 2nd chance
no flowers at the altar of love
Just retch and vomit
when you dive too deep
crawling on the belly of the snake.

Friday, December 9, 2011


It's all down to this bliss
leave me alone
let me disintegrate
let me melt away
I've nothing to say
The hag fag smiles through a whiskey glass
cheers to the pillow case
tied around your head
hiding your butter face
turn over and put dat ass in the air
prostate cum is the best one
or at least it's what they said in the instructions.
"I've always been mad."
I've created a construct of a life not lived
fiery bridges and smiling Buddhas
can you be my muse?
my sounding board?
Why did you feel the need to lie?
Honor and integrity
words to live by.
Dignity and respect
puff out your chest
there's only water here
gauging your need
responding appropriately.
Old news bad reviews
did you like my performance today?
Rate me on a scale of one or ten
a ten means
you were completely satisfied.
Protected? You make me laugh
that's not me that was she
I open the gates of hell
there aint nothing that can harm me.
Spread my wings.
She makes me whistle
she makes me smile
she makes me dance
she gets me high
never a sexual thing
just two souls interspersed
tangled in this dream.
God I'm tired
I just want to be old
without your mirror.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Mazes running
everywhere a dead end
lies and deceit
The coffee cups empty
summer time gone
the music plays on.
the need to apologize
is getting old
brazen hand on the sword
I have built you a man
now go and plunder with my light
I have built you a cause
to believe in with all your might
It's no accident
the way you stand so straight
illuminate your world
with the glitter of my sight.
Time is ticking quickly
drown inside my diamond eyes
time to light the fire
feel the embers burn
tie me up to your stake
witches witches burn.
How so quickly I can change it all
with one turn of my thoughts
perspective, rejected
i will always be alone.
He wants her
to want him
to want her
to want them
to be
Charlie's got a gun
run girl run.

Oh fuck

Oh fuck I think I'm in love
kill me quick
i know better than this.
How to remember how to be
me without you
shouldn't be a hard thing to do.
Struggle with the laughing girl
with the shiny eyes
destroy her quick
with your massive dick
and the chemical signature
you left behind.
makes me blind
wonder why
come up with nothing to say
it's all me
it's all me
it is all me.
fairy tales
conditioned to believe
anyone can save me.
Not happening.
Keep your god damn slipper
girls encased in glass
sleeping till finally
all hope has passed.
Smash the ponies Skippy
there's nothing to see here
all your dreams are needs
which can never be fulfilled
I'll work to make you mine
i'll build some castles in the air
i'll do that nine to five
walk the straight and narrow
just to know you care
and when I'm completely frozen
from all that needing to do
I'll look into your face
and know it was never you.
Just some chemical reaction
some great sex
some spit and polish
some cum in my face
the moment you gave me
where everything falls away.


Flowers, sun, and joy
getting stomped by a muddy boot
the mud around
cleanse my soul.
"Sir can you spare a quarter?
a penny? A nickel? A dime?"
I seem to have lost my way
and I'm thinking I need to be saved.
Run through the woods
where Pan is exacting his revenge
to all the girls who never loved him
and all the places he's never been.
I am his bloody scapegoat
I I I I I i i i........
Wrap me tight
pull the barbed wire
reach your hand into my diaphram
pull out the rot
the hate
leave the gaping wound
sew me up nicely
I'll smile
dead girl walking.
Wrestling too long on the mountaintop
Giving blessings too easily.
We kept stating conclusions
concrete advice of what we should do
The ribbons of conversation
specks of dust in an endless universe
flowed; billowed
into the clouds of yesterday
snakes in infinity
the power of three
drowning in the illuminati
.Pan came and feasted at my table
while the rabble roused incomplete
to a dead god
an absent father
a tortured man
on the end of a rope
smiles at the camera
Sacrifice is for those who pray.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Yeah, so, I see brown instead of gold
path of thorns full of pot holes
seeds are sown.
How many times do I have to apologize?
Lock the gates and bar the door
shut out the sunshine
stamp down the whore.
Where did you leave the plan?
The blueprint
the code the ode the fucking one.
The reason the season karma dharma
and what the fuck?
Stand in front of my eyes wise one
with your head of fire
the way the energy flows
from me to you to the world
and back again.
4 ways to stay
4 ways to pray
4 ways to die a million times
and have enough light left
to light them all
with a spot a drop
of living water and fire.
Blessed are the ones who
Jew Arab White Black Anonymous base.
Aliens in the outfield.
Screaming with their happiness
please don't crucify the messenger
though I'll climb that high
and ride that high till I'm dry.
I'm sorry you want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want
you want
How can you make a woman?
A rib a bib a pearl necklace
full of grace and divinity.
Rearrange her insides to suit you
and make her cry with the bliss resides
in her hides
the secret to be.
I'm sorry the watch is broken
I have no place to stay
I think someone hid the grid
master axer  chase her
they're coming for my vision
of man and waste
intestines drop
I can't walk
and you're still texting my number.
Hive mind rewind we've been here before Sam
loop de mother fucking loop.
Bring me a drink and I'll dance till I drop
to your majesty the king of my dream
and his suicide queen.
And I'll kneel and pray before the ocean of his dreams
and all those safe places to be
(don't hurt me)
Waves are washing and I'm back there now
standing beside listening to your call
on the waves the wind
I heard and responded.
What do you seek?
A moonlight dance with cats in a creek
moaning light into the dark
fucking the earth till I can't stand
the energy within
without my eye third wheel turning
the only way is up and out
or in and out
staring God in the face
in all his pieces and sparks
I'm sorry I wasn't a stat. A way to make it all better
in that gray place you want to stick my brain treadmill
hamsters suffocating on hot chocolate and free tea.
Take my skin, my blood, my bone
just leave my soul alone.
Did I mention I love beer?
She's screaming at me again
manipulate traits to sedate and maybe make a smile
can you?
Drink my bile in the cold icy dawn
bare feet bleed hepatitis c
and golden showers of shame
a white sheeted martyr wants the guillotine.
Make all my dreams come true
I know you can do it
In the early morning dark
in the I gotta fly
leaving you alone with a burning urge to meld
alpha crush dance
(they're coming with their torches and pitchforks)
(kill the monster)
My hearts still beating
bring on the dirt.


Hey grandma can i stick it in your ass?
We'll make it all nice and lubed
unlike the guy with the glass
I wanna make sure
you remember me
the blood, the guts, the cream
Sugar in your coffee honey
life is but a dream.
Smoke another cigarette
fill another bong
wipe this shit right out of my head
the feelings now all wrong.
Paint a portrait of a love gone wrong
bits and pieces
knives and masks
handcuffs and master keys
my locks ancient
louis make a key
desert sands and dreams
candy, chocolate, and vaseline
make it all come true
with your eyes that cut me
every time you pretend
and you don't think I can see.
Curl up with your warmth
your beauty fills my eyes
with every thing I ever wanted
coming slowly
gently, with a hat and a cane
the soft way you say my name
when we're alone in your room
the world falls away.
Then I wake up
mirrors are a gateway
to triads dancing
this thing I gotta do
your hot sweet whispers
this tube of lube
grandma can i fuck you in the ass
leave my marks all over you?


Hey Skippy tell me your dreams
and I'll watch from the sidelines
while she creams
to your eyes, your nose, the curls on your head
I'll forget why I'm alive
and stop wishing to be dead.
He came loaded with a shot gun
a sword between my legs
molten hot lava
somebody else's  scene.
His guilt destroys the mountain
and the happiness he can't feel
has become my bottom's up
trying to get to the real.
Will he stop pretending
this is what he wants?
His paper cut out moves
the crazy way he grooves
Makes me want to bottle up
the smell between my legs
he left me as a gift.
Play it down some
play it up some
play it sideways some
make me cum
with those crazy fingers
that mushroom cloud
the poison in the air
the way you make me laugh out loud.
Head down
but I know you can see
every part of me
you keep running
maybe I'll catch up.