Saturday, July 16, 2011

Someone New To Buzz On

Sweet emptiness
lager & a pretzel
a slice of virgin pussy
makes it all go away.

He says, "I love her but she
won't let me play my game,
I just want to be here
but she wants me there."

"she won't love me when I'm not perfect
and it's something I can't be."

Me? Just a crooked line in the corner
sometimes I'm out of sync
but I can worship you.

Kiss each of your toes
rub my hair against your cheek
close your eyes and dream.
I can spread my wings
enclose you in the warmth of my arms
put my head on your chest
your heart beating
sacrifice the sun for a taste
of your salty skin.
Holding you nothing else matters
pure feeling
without all the he said
she said
cage me make me hold me possess me
just warmth, wetness, the universe
beyond closed eyes.

I want to hear the rumble of your deep voice
your laugh in my ear
want to make you happy
just while you're here.
Play like children
under the blankets on the couch
and for everything outside these walls
we can do without.
(to be continued...)

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