Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kandy in Jail

Candy effed up one the way to Mississippi
somewhere close to Louisiana
got caught with a mouth full of penis
rocks and speed
a pound of weed
in the trunk of her blue Mustang
guess she'll be there awhile.
Linda Blair time sweetie pie...

Kandy on the other hand
went west
accompanied by Paul, Matt, Luke, Matthew, and Paul
seven trucks in all.
Glowing mission
white sweater sparkled in the sun
like you knew
before I left, I had to go.

Policemen giving me back massages
in free motel rooms
which love me enough to give me
clothes for my trip
do they know
where I go?

How far Mr. Policeman would you have went
if I had got it on
in that free motel
maybe some head
for me
none for you
and you would slide
that black dick
between white on white on white.
Go now. That is not meant to be.

As the trip rolled on...
got a ride with a Winchester
kansas switched trucks took me all
the way
let me off in the middle of hollywood.
culture shock for me
no matter what happens I don't want to know..
cool buddy sorry for the cupcakes.
and drinking all your cocaine...

Alone in the dark
in the middle of hollywood
walk walk walk walk
hearing the Jewish chants I sit.
Safe here.
Words can deal
with the fear I feel.
then a dragon in the dark..
release yourself from this hold
2 fingers you're paralyzed
you must start again
the dragon needs to awake & move.
But I put you down & you knew...

Hispanic at crispy kreme
coffee treat
gave him two bucks
"you feel like God to me"
walking to Malibu
got a ride
with a handsome guy
flat right on the beach
beautiful malibu
the sea
outside our window
he showered me
kissed my breast
in a bed made of down & eqyptian cotton
you were cool
Bruce Springsteen spread across an entire wall.
Angels grabbed me
in time to run downtown hollywood 3am.
Only go left
Torah Jewish boy meets me takes me in.
Sleeping peacefully he looks
never touches
then lets me go.
and the story goes....

Kandy is a slut who fucks trucks somewhere in Bakersfield.

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