Saturday, July 16, 2011


So there I was...
      with my mojo.. dancing


      I have been robbed.
      no longer able to generate
      the dance falls flat
      a droopy noodle
      cooked far too long and caked with goo.
      My sword has been stolen
      my only dance partner. :(
      knives times two just not as much fun.
      Keep wanting to commit harikari
      cutting out my bowels.
      Big fun for the audience anyway.
      Here's my heart all on the floor
      step some more.

      Anyway back to the deficit
      so here
      all energy and light
      grooving on triads
      concentrating on the voice of god
      from the bowels
      of light and energy
      came a resounding resonance
      of two souls meeting in combat
      i lost
       face down in a trance
      feeling the moxie flow the wrong way
      but god, again, felt so good.
      face against the wall
      cool on my face
      everything gone.
      Why life?
      Because of this.

      But... time passed....
      I was the victor.
      Cover your self
      cover your eyes
      I am.
      Though it takes from me
      I will ride your storm
      until the moxie flowing the wrong
      way comes back again
      and with it travel the light tunnel
      the very thing
      that makes you... you.
      I will suck
      up into
      your darkest dreams.

      Do you believe in angels?
      Do you beleive in mega man
      over lords under lords
      found in a notebook
      in the dark
      sieg heil
      your sister fucked hitler.
      "You know the oddest thing about mad people?
      they all feel a need to write it down."
      Good for you Neitzche it was just something
      people needed to hear.
      Notebooks, ashtray full, your brown teeth smiling slime.
      You know Germany did have tooth paste bitch.
      Look into it.

      Back to the energy deficit,...

      Anyway it took so much energy to first acquiesce
      then to conquer
      I can no longer dance
      martial arts? forget about it
      feel that amazing energy flow
      from me when I twirl
      around my living room
      empty shell
      how long?

      I was grabbed by my the shoulders
      and pulled back to earth
      and life is hard here
      it hurts
      my wings become heavy
      my heart
      wants more
      and I reach out
      there is nothing there....
      I am alone.
      Desperately alone
      angels pass me by
      smile in my direction
      and move on...

      Trolls dude
      all trolls.

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