Saturday, July 16, 2011

Holes in my Hand

Don't worry this is a dream.

From the inside of my mouth
my cheeks spring flowers
slide my hands down your back
you're afraid
making a rug
looming wool inch by inch line by line
webbing webs
I wish you could trust me.
But you probably shouldn't
I'll cut you down
not even realizing I'm doing it.
Living in a snow globe
has its disadvantages.

God I love you so much
it's too bad you don't exist.

"Trust me.. she'll let me do it
I'm in complete control."

From the bottom of your toes
the softness of your feet
sweet lines of your leg
Creating a man with words
pulling his essence out with letters
still life
no life
two dimensional relationships
are the best
there's no downside,
I'll never have to cringe when I discover you're human.

PLease don't say you mind
it takes all kinds of stokes
to form a wheel
even if they're of the crooked kind
like mine.
My obsession keeps me occupied
so I don't get too bored.

Running fast through
summer forest
branches whipping my face
thorns scratching my legs
I left my obsession by the the stream
leaving me alone in my mind
if you wonder if you're crazy
then you must not be
or at least that's what I've heard
good thing.

All I can say is I'm sorry
I really really apologize
look at the holes in my hands
look at them deep and wide
I've hung myself upon a cross for you
by my own desire--crucified.

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