Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Tile

Needs grout
the spaces between
each ceramic
needs care
no one provides.

The soap dish
for a gentle
to clean
of blue, purple,white
a rainbow
of left over
bits of clean
which now has
become a mess.

Floating in scalding water
toe in the faucet
staring at the spider webs
in the corner
no one bothers
to brush away.

Broken glass
razors and pain
a small cloud drifts
I held your hand thru hell
but you refuse to let me go to heaven.
Your love holds me here
like a ball and chain
an anchor
I can't raise.

A smooth cut not too deep
I'm alive
something I never wanted to be.
A game I never wanted to play
A crowd I never wanted to be a part of.
A joke with no punch line.

A refusal to leave you alone.

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