Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Haymaker

I want to wrap my arms around you
feel you melt
and all the pain
I want to lift you up
to the highest realm
Everything important to you
and every wish you
would wish
Nothing but the best for you.

You are your own worst enemy
but it isn't your fault
it's just how you survived
and I understand.
It's time to change
let someone in
to love you.

There's a karmic debt
I need to pay you
if you'd let me
but you play me
like a violin
just to watch the show.

No words of wisdom
will free you
but you gotta let her go
to get your sanity back
it'll be the hardest thing
you've ever done
but so worth it in the end.
Her ups and downs
are your ups and downs
she loves you
but her love is a haymaker
and it hits you
when you least expect it.

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