Saturday, July 16, 2011


People are crowding me
and you're always trying to sneak into my back door
when I've left the front  door wide open.
She wrote her name on flags
hung them from my ceiling
where I can look at them every night before I go to sleep.
Robbing me little by little of my soul
I can't even break a bowl or ruby apples against the wall
though my anger is eating me alive.
Then my lover and me took a ride
first I drove
then he drove
but we never arrived.
He wanted me to wait for him till he took care of his bizness
but I got bored and walked away.
It's fading now
and I'm left with a feeling of incompleteness.
Every morning a longing for something I don't have.

I want to spill my anger out for that evil little man
bowed back, skinny legs,
hate you so much.
remember when your inside came out
erupted like boils all over your skin
I had no compassion for you then
could have let you die.
didn't care how much pain you were in.

Now I lay me down to sleep
open up my soul
for everyone to see.

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