Saturday, July 16, 2011

One for

One for the kisses
two for the hugs
one for the money
2 for the drugs.

I love my sweetie pie guys.

One for the name
one for the blame
sweet noobie new guy
lying sweet, runnin game.

Now I'm curious about you baby
got my eye
on your sex
I bet you're hot exploding
bet I can make you moan.
Bet you can make me squeal.
Sounds like fun
try sum
make me wet.
make you cum.
slow and sweet
gene simmons tongue.
come on down delicious one
get u sum.

I can taste the nicotine
on your breath
as your tongue
searches mine
the smell of hard work
grease and fire
sweet soap washes you clean
next 4  hours just for me.

The way you wear your clothes
how they cling
to your legs
the beauty of your thighs
how the soft hair on your belly slides
to a v
where my mouth resides.

Love or lust?
who gives a fuck.
Just need the ride clyde,.
Come to the dark side
I'll eat you alive.
and save the sweet pieces
for the love of your life.

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