Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ode to beer part two

yes no good slime of the earth
you perch upon the backs of all
hoping it doesn't get to cold this winter
no electricity
water frozen
big problems
my god why don't i die already
the birds will come back and expect bread
to feed their young
and pools of water to bathe in.
how many months?
three. the birds will be back to feed
and i should be ready.
when there are not enough seeds or berries to survive.
i fed you to early and you left
your berry soaked shits on my car.
you could have hit the trees i would have gotten the message.
i don't keep my responsibilities healthy.
i barely care about me.
who the hell
am i talking to anyway
side tracked.

hmmmm 562

i need feedback what r u thinking?
picking up keywords
finding i know nothing
even with streudle.
im just a fat lady
living in a fat house
yappity yapping
about things she knows nothing about.
so you get high
so you watch fractals
so you understand the turning of the twisting of the
who knows the answer
who got it right
yes me. microbiology community college
see the dna see the rna see the proteins building
but what does it matter
discuss the parameters of the prison
vibrational properties.
a mathematical equation
a new kanji
yes now i see
how the sword becomes grass
where we lie
side by side
looking at the sky
the sun is warm today
vibrate to the left or right
dimension one
vibrate to the left and right also up and down
dimension two
vibrate to pi while vibrating up down and side to side
dimension three
I am one of three.
3 keys to the universe and you will never put them all together.
I am level three.
achieve unlock
the 2nd horseman.
i am the first.
Upon black wings i come to discuss
never found by a google search
imagine that.
For 40 days and 40 nights i slept in the dessert.
ingested the thoughts and guts
of  sess pools of want.
what would you do when an angel passes by?
offer her hot sauce and work
a way to get by
offer her home and security
find security a lie.
I saw my friend in the desert
he reached out his hand and he pulled me up
out of the darkness
i have come here not of my will
but the will which makes you scream your prayers
to the homeless
and slap leather
to ease your wine soaked mind
to believe tv when you know

ode to beer

The triad of consumption
eat drink
dead or alive
i love it.
one step away
cognitive disassociation
cognitive dissonance
Tonight a fire to the moon.
blue gray craters
never stray
always the same
just a footprint here and there and
a perfectly preserved flag.
by a green screen
david icke peace and love
blah blah blah
ode to beer.
work obey die
such a strong war to fight
sausage grinders
spitting us out
nodding yes to everything
put bare feet on the ground
grab the grass
look up to the sky
a displacement of energy from me to thee.
people with gills
people with wings
stem cells
fun time.
wouldn't you if you could?
grow a wing on the back of a child.
fish stem cells he can breathe under water.
but the pressure is a killer
ode to beer.
jekyl island the home to the  displaced.
agenda 21 quietly sneaking in
condos stacked a million high.
this is where we'll all live.
aliens in control of the militia
keeping us in.
two words to know it's a trap
indivualism freedom.
don't collect
don't hive
from me to you
ode to beer.
ride the backs of the wicked
take what is mine
it's time.
wait we're not prepared
parameters of the prison
ode to beer.
the whole one thing
another lie
religion just to get you to buy.
this one can see
and so can i ...
close my eyes.
all lies.
if a mouse
which has learned
from tests before
which door
how much more
you and I?
water into wine.
they all sit quietly
circle of stone
eyes closed
if i told you the truth would you believe me?
what's the point to being alive
eat die.
ode to beer.
aliens are among us and poodles
who love jeweled collars
and filet mignon
have gone rogue.
eating starving children
and fucking the ones who survive.
we concede.
afraid to bleed.
ode to beer.
anyway... there is no ship which can bear you hence
there is only the great divide
unless you decide what is wrong what is right.
a connection to your fellow man.
moon, earth, sun, stars.
refuse to feed the snake.
he is slow
takes time to assimilate.
outmaneuvered easily
like a zombie apocalypse
but we are the ones with the guns.
ode to beer.

The pilot

Slippery sliming wet lips
chomping mouths
green bellies
thought we would say
a family of dinosaurs about cuts it.
isn't the baby cute
feeding off the blood of dogmatic
non believer
parameters of our prison
discover it.
There are no walls
only doorways
at any one point in time
i am everywhere and nowhere at all.
the coil has the power to do work
not just light the book
lifting stone.
no tractor.
i'm chained by the belly of the chef
get in my belly
chains and ropes
around my neck
dangling from the whim of a spirit.
not enough soap to wash it off.
a sideways glance
at infinity
in the same image as the
is us
we are the universe.
pot gibberish.
one big universe man
we are the cells
in our jails
do some work
make some protein.
build something for god's sake
the universe man sits on the universe couch
once you know all there is to know
where do you go?
no one watches the watchmen
he just looks hard one two three four times
into himself.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Great Owl give us your wisdom
dit moi
so fooled.
You have brought us abundance
we will worship you like gods.
round and round the cube.
round and round the tree
red light
They're not gods
they're aliens
and we have no abundance.
abundance for all or
no one.
abundance is you stomping your foot
as a child
yes sir senator
we got a full on alien invasion
whose side r u on?
you wanted it now wake up!
Mulberries influence is waning
yet another steps in to take his place.
let me debrief you on that
now they're friendly so
for gray blank pieces of paper
and your boot on the backs of the poor.
Oh wise owl we are all of one accord.
chess board
ours the king.
 every one underneath


 It's raining in my living room
flies buzz
vegetables rot
feed the flowers
and the weeds
of which the latter
is my favorite
what makes something ugly
and another beauty
but eyes
answer the phones in the
a little cleaning
funeral home
smell the dead
lying laying loathing
tears and regret
or a happy accumulation
of relief.
strong feelings
trying the coffin on for size
playing in the funeral room
you live there after all.
my own eulogy
god laughing through Amadeus
but did anyone write anything for you?
pictures candles
limo ride
look around i chose to live
you ride on.
i'm with the kid.

The sun & the moon

Stare at the day and fight
for absolution
each one wins in
their own way.
Encased in filth
layering dust upon dirt
The moon has won
slipping into the crystal caves
resting my head on the pillow
a doorway
everything is light
except two dark eyes walking
smiling light from eye to eye
what do we have today?
what did you bring me?
dit moi
I am part of their light
but vibrating lower
fully exposed to x ray eyes
every word unspoken thought
what did you bring me?
I am dark
i will envelope you and bring you
with me freddie up and out
spit in my mouth
like an alien
from a dream bring you out with me.
you'll never be strong enough
but i like rebellion
shows the mettle the author made
the only good in you is me
that's why you only come in dreams.
See me on my dimensional plane
or the one i step into.
when my body's in the ground.
no light man
like a black mama
in georgia never birthed no babies
but don't you know ms scarlett
we loves you.
i know i loved that movie too
lets be friends.
no. this nighttime shit has got to go
i don't have time for your poking
trying to figure out where
you went wrong.
this is us we are here
you are not
move on.
but we will find a way to you
and stop the shenanigans
because you are real
i know it, they know it,... and one way or another
soon everyone will know it
lets see how far your hand
reaches then.
more than you can do.
multitudes multiplying.
screaming at the same time
would blow your little light head apart.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Now that i have your attention
public education a mass control
herding cattle to the slaughter
i'm tired of being here.
we are ready to leave
we'll be back for the same fight
what is right
what is wrong
how people melt into the sand
for lack of caring sharing what is ours.
I hate it here.
They tell me what happens
when you fail to perceive.
lost nothingness.
i refuse to believe
it will be an aha moment
i'll remember what i was supposed to forget
and stupid me
will be back.
nah i already know
massive factory of souls
no escape even when you're dead.
i create stasis
in this moment
i am everything and nothing at all.
stasis is decay.
it's nice to chill in my ability
body pushing it to its limits
heart pumping
brain firing
burning out
doing everything wrong
the call of the night
is a demon
embracing the moon.
to bob dylan
and beyond......lol