Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Cobain

Thought he would do it the right way
the cool way
the cobain.
thought he would see God
appease Zod
clock out the normal refrain.

But all he did was turn blue
brain to goo
losing what's true
what do we know anyway?

Shoot em up
sweat em out
6,891,626,316 instances of chaos
all flapping their wings
soft powder sweet
only rain can delete
butterflies in the mud.

There once was a man from Afghanistan
needed to fuel his terrorist plan
so he grew him some poppies
said that's how we rock it
and killed them from the inside out.

Got to get the sorrow out
the pain of knowing
what it's all about
got to let the tears flow
safe as houses
where no one will know.

I am a demon
I am a monster
doing my belly crawl
seeping my bile into the cracks of the world.

If you fuck me this time
it's over
I will denounce your pretty face
and rescind my grace
you'll go it alone.

My love is a construct
a paper mache pinata
hit me hard
I'll fall apart
spreading joy and a sugar buzz.

They're all waiting for me there
and i won't disappoint
one way or another
I'll make it to the ice white canyon
with the blue and purple skies
stripping away filters
made for daily life to abide.

This time we passed at the wrong time
out of sync
but I found you
next time I might not be so lucky.
and the next time
you'll rip my heart out again
and I'll smile and cry in the dark.

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