Saturday, July 16, 2011


Daily occupation
      territories impinged upon
      battles on
      I am in control.

      I have brought you into my mind
      let you step over the threshold
      to what makes me me
      but not too close.

      Does it matter?
      Does anything really matter?

      I have seen the road
      every step we take
      just lengthens
      the inevitable.
      falling into your universe
      i falter
      but i see the end.

      So I drag my fins out of your water
      shake my hair out
      and spread my wings
      black smooth amazing
      and leave you
      with your hands
      blowing hot breathe to stave off the winter
      that has entered your bedroom.
      Your breathe makes clouds nice.
      Do you see the same stars?
      The air is cold and thin
      makes me want to race out the door
      ski down a mountain
      or drive my car down a steep hill
      just too see just how fast I can go.

      So sad to be so out of snyc
      redundancy, I know, universes and being so out of sync.
      But I could have loved you so well
      stars would explode
      completely fulfilled
      needing nothing or no one else
      my cheek to yours looking the same way.
      Not for me.
      Someone else.

      Turning away,
      someday he will be there for me
      my eyes shining
      in surprise
      when I am the prize
      the amazing one
      what he's been looking for
      all his life.

      I love too easy
      it consumes me
      no longer here
      need axes to break the link
      and we don't want that.
      trust me.

      Let me dance within my triad
      in the power of the octagon
      bring me my spirit
      in a golden chalice
      let me drink the blood of kings
      and lick the vagina of the virgin queen
      till she screams, "I'll give you my kingdom just let me cum"

      Let me chain your pierced nipples
      to the wall
      while the marquise de sade
      licks my ears with passion, lust, and
      whispering voices
      all the pretty bois go: "yeah yeah mamma I didn't know
      you was a freak like that."
      and the blood of vampires
      pumps through my veins
      angel from hell.

      But ooooow... it feels so good....

      "the body is the garden of the soul."
      (angels in america one amazing movie.)

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