Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Suicide King

The suicide king is having a fling
and everyone's invited.
Take one of these and one of those
your face will be delighted.

Cristal on a cemetery wall
feel the cool stone on your face
one step away
from utter decay
worms and centipedes are excited.

Thanks for your ashes
thanks for your nothingness
thanks for your emptiness
thanks for the way you never leave my mind.

"You seem like you're from another world"
but aren't we all?
"So this is where your other -worldliness abides"
Humbled now by your lies.
Got me changed
by the look in your eyes
cut me
bleed me
please, just tell me one more lie.

I hate you
you make me sick
you make me dream
you make me wish for more
Suicide king
I'll come to your rowdy thing
bring all my friends
so you can set down the law
and show us what life  really means.

Mask time
fine line
powder genie
machine guns and machetes
decapitated babies in the mix
heated spoons
trips to the moon
blue in the chair
blue in the chair
blue on the floor
blue on the floor
blue in the bed
blue in the bed.

I'll breathe my life in you
I'll breathe my breath in your
so you can get up and do it again
get up
do it again
where's my drink?
I wanna get up and do it again.

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